About Mitch


Hello I’m Mitch Granholm. Thank you for checking out my art!

I am an artist and designer living in Shoreview MN. My main goal is to enjoy life to its fullest and to hopefully share that enjoyment with others. I have many interest and hobbies such as: Art, Web and Graphic Design, Fly Fishing, Road Trips, Skiing, Camping, Hockey, Golf, Aquariums, Cars, Cooking, Scotch Whisky, Wrist Watches… I could continue but you get the picture.

All of these interest influence my art in many ways. I often enjoy creating images of our beautiful natural world from which I have found much joy. Inspiration also comes from my everyday surroundings and interests. I try to capture an idea and translate it into an image that sometimes is a deep thought or emotion and sometimes I am just trying to make something that looks cool. As an artist I hope you find enjoyment from my art and I hope you check back with me often to see what I am creating!