How to Paint a Kick Ass Mini Lakeshore Scene

I love Northern Minnesota. This weekend I was inspired to paint a “Mini-sota” lakeshore scene. There is nothing better than summer on a Northwoods lake. Fishing, kayaking, swimming, or just sitting by the shoreline with a cold beer. I love it all!

Here is how I painted this mini.
Rocky Lakeshore

  1. I started with a blue background. The sky must be darker on top and get lighter as it gets closer to the horizon. Then I painted some basic tree shapes and land forms. The key here is to use darker colors as you come forward in the image. This technique creates depth and realism.lakeshore-1
  3. Next I used a palette knife to add texture to the rock cliff. It is very important to vary the color values and pay very close attention to where the light source is. In this painting the light is coming from the right.lakeshore-2
  5. Then it was time to add more detail to the trees. I Used very light brown colors to add tree trunks throughout the near forest. Don’t add trunks to every tree as this won’t look very good. After adding tree trunks I used varying yellows, reds, and greens to highlight the trees. Again, it is very important to pay attention to the light source.
  7. After mirroring the land and trees in the water, this is the completed painting! —Mitch
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