How Creativity Can Change Your Life

Creativity is in all of us. We are born with it in some way shape or form. Whether it be artistic ability, science, music, cooking, writing, or the different ways you put off a task you don’t want to do (procrastination can be done in creative ways).

We all know how to be creative in some way. I am here to tell you to exercise that creativity you have in you. I know the feeling of getting caught in a rut. I know how it feels to just go to work every day and do the same old thing and seemingly be right back where you were the day before. Nothing new happened, nothing exciting happened, and you feel bored. You have that longing feeling that you want something to happen. Sometimes it feels impossible to get out of that rut. It may even feel comfortable to have that kind of stability. There is some merit to that last point but why not enjoy life a little more?

This is where creativity comes in. As children we use our imaginations to have fun. As adults we can do the same. Some of my favorite memories in life are when I did something out of the norm. There are little memories I have like drawing race tracks in chalk on the street for our bikes as kids; Or in middle school math class where I would sketch mountain scenes on my notebook instead of taking notes. My math teacher told me that if I focused as much energy on math as I did on drawing that I would be a better math student (she was right by the way).

Then there are the bigger moments in life like when I moved to Montana to work after one year of college. I learned a lot and I have many memories of exciting moments and beautiful scenery. It was one of the best times in my life and it was all because I was willing to make a creative decision that was not of the norm. Now I’m not saying you have to up and move, I am just saying to do a little something that is creative. Something that is not of your normal daily routine.

One of the great things about creativity is that it will boost your self confidence and motivation. What is not to love about that? Doing something creative might not turn out how you expected (in fact it rarely does), but you will learn something new and add some interest to your life. It may also inspire you to do something else creative and vuala… you are on your way out of the rut. When you are out of the rut possibilities are endless.

Draw a picture, start a craft project, or just re-arrange your living room. It will add some interest to your life and change the way you look at things. I am living proof of this. I was born with an artistic ability that I never really tapped into until recently. I just put it aside because I didn’t really see how it would benefit me. As a result I found myself in a huge rut.

Four years ago I finally looked inside of myself to start doing what I was really good at. I went to design school and I will be graduating this spring! I am now tapping into my artistic potential and I am excited to see where it takes me! Doing art and designing helps me to look at the world in different ways.

Creativity helps me to drink in my surroundings and experience new things, it helps me to stay motivated, and Above all, it helps me to enjoy what life has to offer. I feel it is good practice to look at each new day as a blank canvas. What are you going to paint today?

Please feel free to comment on this article. Tell me about something creative you have done or are working on. Did you inspire someone else? Lets keep the creativity rolling! We will all be better for it. Drink life in! —Mitch

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4 thoughts on “How Creativity Can Change Your Life

  1. Beautifully said. I am so proud and happy for you Mitch. It’s hard to think outside the box and to actually reach within yourself and tap your God given abilities is a n inspiration to us all.

    • Thanks Steve! It is hard to do sometimes. I have found that just stepping out of routine is healthy and can jolt creativity. However, routine can be just what is needed sometimes and that is good as well.

  2. Well written Mitch! Your ideas and creativity will take you to places your brain hasn’t even thought of yet!

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