You Will Love My Art!

Hi I’m Mitch Granholm. Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading my first blog post! I never thought I would blog but here I am. I must say I am very excited and I look forward to sharing a little bit of my world with you. My intention with this blog is not to use it as a platform to state my opinions, rather, it is a place to have open discussion about creative process and find deeper meaning in things. Also I just want to give you a window into my creation of some cool art and why I am making each piece.

blue-wall-2Today is a very exciting day! I had the opportunity to hang some of my original artwork at Underground Music Cafe in Roseville, MN. I am a new artist so getting this kind of exposure is amazing. I love watching people stare at and react to my art.

Underground Music Cafe is me and my wife Rachel’s favorite coffee shop. We have been getting coffee there for years and I have always said that I should try and hang some art there. I finally asked the manager Dan and he said absolutely! (after he looked at some of my art of course). If you get a chance definitely stop by, get a delicious drink, and marvel at the glory of my art. If you are interested in keeping up with what I am doing please subscribe to my blog in the side bar or in the footer. —M





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