Why A Tree On His Head?

This piece is called Old Man Tree. My idea behind Old Man Tree is that he is the soul of this old tree. The old tree has been growing a long time and has had a hard life. Even though he has had a hard life he still is a happy old tree (I know you just thought of Bob Ross). The difficulty of this piece was drawing white hair on a white surface. The technique involved basically drawing the dark areas under the hair and then erasing white hair strands. I then knocked the layers back with a brush and repeated the process to achieve depth. The result is the illusion of multiple layers of white hair. There is a little lumberjack character with an axe next to the tree. I have yet to decide what he will do to the old tree. He may chop it down or he may decide to let it keep growing. Check out the process below to see how he took shape.








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